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Delon+ Body Butter Intense Moisturizers are specifically formulated to create immediate and long lasting softness to dry skin.
Each formulation contains specially selected essential oils that have properties which help nourish and hydrate the skin.
These selected oils are renowned for enhancing state of mind and well being with their delightfully fragrant aromas.

Great smelling luxurious moisturizer - intense moisturising.
Quick absorbing and non-greasy.
Long lasting moisture.
Leaves skin silky soft and protected.
Free from animal ingredients.
Not tested on animals.

Each tub consists of 200ml / 6.9 FL OZ (196g)

Please note body butter containers may vary in colour as Delon have changed the colours of some of the containers

Mango Spring tub


Olive Delon body butter

Out of Stock


Passion Fruit  Delon body butter

Passion Fruit

Body Butter Pomegranate

Out of Stock in Tubs
Still available in pumps


Pomegrante Mango 2

Pomegranate Mango

Raspberry Black Currant Delon body butter

Raspberry BlackCurrant
Out of Stock

Raspberry Black Currant

Raspberry Truffle Body butter - delon body butter

 Raspberry Truffle

Stawberry Tub


Tropical Fruit Passion Delon body butter

Tropical Fruit Passion

White Chocolate Delon body butter

White Chocolate
Out of Stock

White Chocolate

White Peony

Body butter Mix