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Experience our luxurious gentle body scrubs with loofah threads. Loofah threads are an all natural, luxurious non-abrasive exfoliant that invigorates the skin while gently exfoliating dead cells found on the surface of the skin. Loofahs have been cultivated for hundreds of years as a natural exfoliant. Delon’s Guatemalan-grown loofahs are considerably softer than the average loofah. This results in a complete gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells. The addition of cocoa & shea butter in Delon’s gentle scrub helps to recondition, moisturise and repair the skin, leaving your skin refreshed, bright & shiny.
Uncover Fresh, New Skin.
Indulge Yourself & Enjoy!
Not tested on animals.

Body scrubs are in a 200ml (196g / 6.9 fl oz) tub